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Terry Foody's New Book!
The Cherokee and the Newsman: Kinsmen in Words

The Pie Seller, The Drunk, and the Lady: Heroes of the 1833 Cholera Epidemic in Lexington, KY

Chautququa Newspaper Story about Sequoyah Book,
July 4, 2017

Hear Interview with Terry: C-SAAHN Audio Series Interview about the Sequoyah Book, July 2017

Hear more Interviews with Terry: Soundcloud Interview Page

Chautauquan Daily News Feature

August 2014
(at bottom of front page)

Audio Feature: Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History & Nature,
August 2014, Hear Terry's talk on the 1833 Cholera Epidemic

"Foody for Thought"

Fall 2009

Natural Awakenings Magazine:
Swine Flu Prevention
August 2009

Natural Awakenings Magazine:
Wondering About MRSA (Health brief)
April 2009

Business Lexington Magazine:
Nurse takes her practice solo,
November 2007

Video Feature: Portrayal of a nurse during 1833 Lexington Cholera Epidemic, October 2006

Ace Magazine: The Lunatic Asylum: Lex in the Age of Cholera,
April 2007

Greater Louisville journal, "Today's Woman" (January 2001) and "Applied Clinical Trials" (February 1996)


Writings about Healthy Living

Terry's articles can be found in many publications including: Natural Awakenings Magazine, the Greater Louisville Journal, Ace Magazine, Ladies Golf Journey, and Business Lexington Magazine. As of 2009, Terry is a Featured Speaker for the Kentucky Humanities Council.

Terry's writings and workshops about Healthy Living
are based on:

Foody's Philosophy

The systems of the body work well together to enable us to perform many actions in our daily lives. Treasure your health and life spirit. Give the body what it needs to stay functional as time goes on. Choose to eat nutritious foods in regular meals.

Start with your condition/health right now and decide to see how much more you can get. Challenge yourself in whatever activity that calls to you. Think of how you liked to play as a child. It can bring such joy and confidence to feel that strong active physical presence again.

Great opportunities and awards may await you, but you won't know about them in advance. This is true in sports and other aspects of Life. Passion of the heart can outweigh talent. Just show up and take the risk.

Stress Hardiness:
Moving on After Loss or Change

Food for Life:
Living Long and Healthy

Eating on a Budget:
Frugal for Life

Nutrition for the Young Family