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The Cherokee and the Newsman:
Kinsmen in Words
by Terry Foody

In 1828, as part of a Cherokee Delegation to Washington City, Sequoyah stopped in Kentucky to search for his father, Nathaniel Gist. There he met his 4 year old half-nephew, Henry Howard Gratz, foreshadowing a literacy bond between them. Sequoyah, through his syllabary, gave the first written language to an indigenous American tribe. For his part, Gratz published editorials and news for 37 years from Reconstruction through the Gilded Age.

The stories of these two men linked by blood, span 7 states, 3 centuries and 4 wars. Sequoyah, Gratz and their famous relatives were on the forefront of American history, interacting with Washington, Jackson and Lincoln.

In articles, letters and interviews this account illuminates their controversies, escapades and lasting contributions; the importance of language and a free press today.

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